Submission Guidelines

All submissions to the blog should have a clear multidisciplinary socio-legal orientation. The blog also accepts unsolicited submissions. A variety of styles are welcome: analysis, stories, reflection, recent developments in the legal and social field. Submissions must be in written form. The interdisciplinary and multiregional approach is integral to the blog. Thus, contributors can have global, regional or local relevance; comparative perspectives are also welcome. The peer-review will focus on fairness and accuracy, and any editing will be light. We will keep you informed about the timing of the publication.

Send in your submissions at following the given guidelines.

Title: no more than 15 words.

Language:  Submissions are invited currently in English only, but we plan to expand to other languages in days to come. Authors are welcome to submit their writing with either American English or British English. Please add header to specify which one you are following.  

Tags: 4-5 relevant keywords at the end of your contribution.

Discipline: Specify the discipline that inform your contribution.

Region: Specify the region your contribution is relevant to.

Length: text: maximum 700-1200 words.

Footnotes: Please do not use footnotes.

Hyperlinks: Insert embedded hyperlinks to relevant supporting materials. Hyperlinks can be embedded by selecting text, right clicking and choosing the link/hyperlink option. It can also be embedded by going to the ‘Insert’ menu and choosing the link option. 

References: Add a reference list at the end of your document. These references must be embedded in the text.

Photo: Include a license-free photo relevant to the context of your submission.

Originality: Please indicate if your submission has been published or submitted for consideration earlier and if you have permission to republish.

For the submission prepared specifically for this blog, once it has been published, you are welcome to submit it elsewhere, providing reference to its publication in ‘asia blogs’.

Name and affiliation: Send in your name, a photo and short bio along with your submission with no more than 50 words.

Document Format: Send in your documents in Word file document format.

Disclaimer: The blog will include the following disclaimer: Responsibility for opinions expressed in blog posts on this website rests solely with the author(s). We accept co-authored submission with no more than three authors.